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Not too late for growth

Old age often brings added physical needs, but it’s also a prime time to reinvigorate the spirit. When everything else falls by the wayside, we remember what matters most: our ability to love. It doesn’t take much to create a field that favors inner growth and personal transformation, and helps us reconnect to the essence.


Capturing the stories of a lifetime

When encouraged in the right way, our elders can share insights and life stories that are worth gold. Diving into the past to find these gems not only helps the storyteller, it reveals patterns and truths that shine a new light on the human spirit.


A community of thriving elders

Experience the power of men and women living life to the fullest, even with limitations that come with age. Forget about the TV or radio – vitality comes from within, and plenty of aliveness comes through when the context is right. The journey here is just beginning.

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